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Hey guys,

I live in Pakistan and have been searching for a colorectal surgeon for 2 years now. A few weeks ago, I found out about this Hospital called Shifa International Hospital. They are known for their advanced technology and variation of doctors. I contacted them and told them about my disease. A few weeks later, they finally got back to me and told me about Dr. Qamar Hafeez Kiani, who happens to be the ONLY colorectal surgeon here that performs both BASCOM cleft lifts and modified karydakis flaps. He seems like a really humble guy and is easy to work with. So if you're from Pakistan, I highly suggest hitting him up for a cleft lift :) Peace out!

PS, cleft lifts/karydakis cost about $700 here and usually there's no hospital stay required and I have my surgery booked for next week. I will try my best to keep you guys updated! xx
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And admins, if you can, please update the NON-USA cleft lift list and add Dr Qamar Hafeez Kiani. He practices in Islamabad at Shifa International Hospital.
I need help. Im in karachi and all the doctors are recommending open excision surgery. I want to get cleft lift done. Cant find any surgeons in karachi. I cant travel anywhere else for surgery as well