First time cyst haver- antibiotics?


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Hello all! Well I welcomed my lovely cyst into existence last Wednesday. Finally was able to get into the doctor this Wednesday and he confirmed my suspicion that it was a pilonidal cyst. (Thanks internet!) online I have read so much about surgeries and drainage and everything. He didn’t mention even the possibility of that. He looked at my butt for all of 10 seconds and prescribed me antibiotics, Bactrim.

He would’ve sent me on my way but I told him I was going to croatia for six weeks starting next month. His solution was to come back in three weeks and he will prescribe more antibiotics “just in case it comes back While you’re there”.

Should I be looking into a specialist? I feel like he didn’t give much info.

Also, up until now it has just been bumps, no puss or liquid. But this evening I see that it has begun pausing and bleeding a tiny bit. What should I do about this? Is this normal?

Is this my whole life now?? Please give me some hope.


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These things will rear their ugly heads at any time. It sounds to me like you didn’t get a good examination. If you’re in a foreign country for that long I’d advise seeing a specialist before you go. Leaving it alone for an extended period of time can cause more damage. I would call around and do internet research on doctors who know about Pilonidal Disease. This website has a page for just doctors so I would check it out.