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Hi y'all! I'll give some background - if you're not interested, I'll list questions at the end. PLEASE help me out with them.

I'm a 20 year old female. I first experienced discomfort in my tailbone area in November 2015 and believed it to be just a bruised tailbone. I felt a tiny bump at one point but soon stopped worrying because the pain stopped and the bump went away! Fast forward to January 2018. I had my first longer lasting, more high level pain. There was no bump visible, but it was VERY painful and I could feel swelling under the skin. It went away after two weeks after I treated it at home with as many "natural" remedies as possible. (Apple Cider Vinegar, etc.) Around February 7th it came back. This time it was visible, a small oval shaped bump. It was not as painful and went away again about two weeks later. BUT finally at the end of Feb it came back FULL force and it's HUGE, red, and excruciating. I made an appointment with my dad's surgeon (he has suffered from Pilondial disease too and recommended him!) for tomorrow to get it lanced. I have no idea what to expect.


1) How long does the lancing procedure take?

2) Is there recovery time or does life return to relative normality? --- (I'm a college student. I have classes, meetings, and a spring break road trip coming up. Is any of this possible or should I start e-mailing professors that I'll be bed bound???)

3) How badly does the procedure itself hurt? (I've heard bad things about the numbing needle)

Thank you in advance.

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1) About 20-30 minutes.

2) A full recovery takes about 2 weeks. But you can walk and sit somewhat normally a day or two after the lancing.

3) It hurts pretty bad. The shot they give you to numb the area doesn't work too well.