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Hey all....I had the best surgeon for my butt issues. He isn't the most talkative person but he was really knowledgeable and I'm just about healed. I had surgery on July 28th and what was once the size of an orange is now the size of a pinky!! His name is Manuel L. Carbonnell and he works at Mercy Hospital. I reccommend him to anyone in Miami!


May I ask what kind of procedure you had done? How long was the recovery and how long has it been?



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Florida surgeon

Does anyone know of a reputable surgeon in central Florida for excision surgery? I've been referred to a general surgeon, but I have no idea if he has even done this before (my consultation is this week). I want to keep my options open in case he has no clue what this is.


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Well its been offically six weeks since my closed surgery so I think I am able to recomend my surgon, he is
Dr. John Chang
c/o Surgery Specialists of South Broward
603 N Flamingo Road, suite 265
Pemborke Pines, Fl. 33028
954 450 1617
He really listens to me and he is the first Dr to realy listen to me and realise that I was in alot of pain, he gave meds [(o)] for pain and had surgery scheduled for the next week.


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Pinellas Park/Clearwater, FL surgeon

The surgeon I went to and continued visiting for my post surgery check ups:

Michael E. Nerney, MD
(727) 584-7706
Diagnostic Clinic (Main Office)
1551 West Bay Drive
Largo, FL 33770

Very good guy, answered any and all questions I had before and after. He performed my first surgery and to my surprise I wasn't nervous at all.


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Tampa, Florida

I highly recommend my surgeon to anyone in Florida that's close to Tampa; it's worth the drive. She took great care of me and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. Every question I had she had and knew the answer. I just loved her!

LoriAnn Slezak
4700 N. Habana Ave #403
Tampa, FLorida 33614


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hello, i just had mine performed yesterday by Dr. James Doty. 7 pits 2 inches deep, no pain at all.

James Doty, MD

Colon & Rectal Surgery
General Surgery


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No luck in CFL


I'm also in the Orlando area & I've been dealing with this pilonidal issue for almost a year now. I'm not in extreme pain, so I figured I mind as well do some heavy research into the surgery options. I've met with Dr. Williamson in Winter Park, and Dr. Albert in Altamonte Springs. Both practice the open wound method that I'm trying to avoid. :(

I also contacted a Dr. up in Jacksonville who (according to the list) does cleft lifts. However, she has left the practice & the hospital wasn't sure where she went to. Probably not a good sign.

Let me know what you find out or what you decide to do. I'm looking for the least invasive method necessary, but unfortunately I haven't had much luck. I'll probably be making another appointment with Dr. Williamson soon since I've got a ton of more questions for him regarding the surgery. He also seems to be a knowledgeable guy, and maybe he's willing to try some different procedures.



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Any updates on your searches? I live in the Orlando area as well and would love to hear what you guys have found. Thanks!


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An Orlando Surgeon

Dr. Daryl Wier in downtown Orlando right down the street from Orando Regional Medical Center. He prefers the closed incision if it is possible. But can do the open excision if it is necessary. He said one cannot be sure until you are *in there* and see what needs to be done. My son had the closed incision.

1802 Bellevue Ave., Ste. 102
Orlando, FL 32806


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Orlando and Gainesville Surgeons

Hey I am new here but i thought I might be able to help. I have had 2 flap closures by Dr. Bruce Mast in Gainesville, FL. I am still having problems but i do not attribute them to Dr. Mast or his work. here is a link to his site:


I recently visited with another surgeon in Osceola County but I forgot his name. Once i find his card i'll post that up too. He made a good impression on me.


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I found a surgeon who is both aware of and practiced with Bascom techniques, and is an all around great man, and great surgeon. From Monday's consultation, and Friday's surgery, he was extremely intelligent and willing to work with me. He was overly pleased that I came to our consultation fully prepared and knowledgeable. I would recommend him 100x over to anyone near the area, and would greatly appreciate him being added to the list this site has for practicing doctors who know the Cleft Lift and Pit Picking procedures and are utilizing them.

Dr. Earl McAllister, MD
General Surgeon - Tampa, Florida
13801 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL 33613
(813) 977-2200


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Does anyone know surgeon within 100 mile radius from Orlando who perform Cleft Lift

We are looking for cleft lift or pit removal as well. Please help me.


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Colon & Rectal Surgeon (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

I would like to post a Doctor in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, he's awesome and takes his time with his patients. I have a 17 year old daughter with a Pilonidal Cyst.
Dr. John E. Roberts, III , Telephone: 954-491-6400. [:8)]


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swoosh;49524 said:
Open wound procedure, Great doctor, facility and staff. I'm 5 weeks post-op and I'm healing nicely with no problems.

Dr. Steven D. Wexner
Colorectal Specialist

Cleveland Clinic Weston Florida
2950 Cleveland Clinic Boulevard
Weston, FL 33331
Toll-free: 866/2-WESTON


i just called and made an appointment with him. It all seemed well till they said i needed to give my self an enema the morning before i came, found it odd considering i dont think the doc needs to be up there. I told them i wont do it and they said its fine but the doctor strongly says patients should. Hopefully he wont be upset if i dont and wont have any issues.