For anyone who has had surgery: how long did you take off work/school (general recovery questions)


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Hi all,

First post, so I apologize if this has been covered already somewhere :) Had surgery last week, healing open, and was told the wound was a fair size -- 6 cm long and 3 cm deep (I guess this is neither small nor large, just typical?). I know that everyone is different, and that I shouldn't compare/care what others think, but am wondering how long people can expect to be off work or school? I was expecting a long recovery, and am totally fine and on board with this, but feel there is a bit of mis-understanding from colleagues, friends, family as to how long this will take and why I have to go slowly. One friend assumed I needed NO time off and this felt like it really minimized what I was experiencing. I am still in a fair bit of pain, haven't been sitting, and can mostly just tolerate lying on the couch. I am sleeping so much! Is this normal? This is actually my second surgery, but the first one I barely remember, as I was a kid (13 years old/20 years ago, now). Again, I was prepared for the slow healing and for the most part feel this is all expected, but I also can't decide if I need to be pushing myself more, or allowing the rest. When I do try to move around I can feel the incision aching and bleeding, and feel nauseated and exhausted if I am on my feet for more than 30 minutes at a time. If anyone would like to share what they did/how they felt during the first few weeks or recovery that would be greatly appreciated!