Frequent tenderness possible 14 years post-op?


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Hello all—I had my first and only closed wide excision surgery in January 2007 and haven’t had issues since. Just occasional tenderness in the area here and there that would subside after a few days. Last fall, I started noticing the scar tissue and the delicate skin right below where the scar ends getting achy when I was sitting in my chair at work for too long, which I didn’t think much of. Luckily in my previous office, I had a sit-stand desk so I could just stand up and work when needed.

However, I noticed the tenderness wasn’t going away after a few days. Fast forward to now, and I’m still having this issue most days, only now I no longer have a sit-stand desk. And it’s seriously only when I sit in these office chairs that it bothers me (I work for the same overall place, but just a different department...and all the departments have the same chairs, but it figures not all have sit-stand desks...sigh).

I have no swelling, redness, sinuses, or discharge. Things look completely normal back there. I shower twice a day (quick one in the morning and in the evening because I exercise after work), and I religiously wash the area with Hibiclens and then swab with Tend Skin to try and reduce irritation and prevent ingrown hairs (saw those suggestions on here years ago and have been doing it ever since), even though I really have no hair to speak of back there lol. I don’t have an issue when sitting anywhere else; as mentioned above, it just seems to be these freaking office chairs where I work.

Given the entirety of my situation, could it be more likely that the way my butt interacts (lol couldn’t think of a better way to say this) with this particular type of chair puts stress on the scar tissue and the delicate skin right below where the scar ends, and after a while the area just doesn’t tolerate the chair as well anymore? I imagine since quite a bit of tissue was removed, the lack of cushion and scarring could get uncomfortable when pressure is put on it. I admit I should get up and walk around more at work, but I’m often busy and deep into what I’m doing so it’s hard to break away. I’d like to think that this is my problem and while I know there are similar posts like this, everyone’s situation is unique and I am curious to know what other fellow PD warriors think. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!