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Adam's doctor was Drew Bagwell. He did a great job with Adam!! He answered all our questions and never made us feel rushed or that we were asking dumb questions. He took the time to be sure that Adam knew what was going to happen, I liked that he talked to Adam even though he was only 15, instead of me since it was him having the surgery. After the surgery he brought out Adam's cyst so I could see what it looked like. We could drop by his office anytime we needed to.

Dr. Charles Andrew (Drew) Bgwell MD PC
1020 W. Ward St.
Douglas, GA 31533



Dr. Park with Georgia Surgiacal Associates(located at St. Josephs Hospital) is EXCELLent he does not say mych but I am more than pleased with his work!!![^]


Which Dr. Park did you visit there - David or Alexander? Have you heard of any other good surgeons in the ATL area?


Atlanta Georgia Conservative Treatment

Hello everyone,
I have been aware of the information on this site for some time. I have recently used the knowledge I gained from the articles and postings here in pursuit of my own pilonidal condition.

Today I had a Conservative Treatment for pilonidal abscess (see performed by Dr. Harry A. Liberman, MD of the Atlanta Colon and Rectal Surgery group. His office is in Marietta, Georgia -- a suburb community of Atlanta -- and he is associated with the Wellstar Kennestone Medical Center.

I am a 49 year-old male. I am self-employed and totally self-pay. My focus was to have a procedure that would allow minimum healing time, minimal maintenance during healing, and be within a cost that I could afford.

Of the group of surgeons he is associated with, Dr. Liberman was the one that recognized the Bascom technique. He practices and agrees with the premise of:
1) open up the abscess
2) clean it out (and is some cases, brush the tracts)
3) remove the pit
4) leave the deep tissues intact
5) let it heal

Having been inspired by the writings submitted by Cathy and Kyle, and those that chose to share their experience with photos, I have been documenting my process/journey. I will make this documentation available at a later date on a separate web site.

For now, and for those in the Atlanta area that are seeking an alternative to the standard "deep and wide" excision procedure, I recommend adding the name of Dr. Harry A. Liberman to your list of surgeons to contact. You can google his name or use search term "Atlanta Colon and Rectal Surgery" for more information and contact.

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Thanks for the tip. I have an appointment to see Dr. Liberman on Friday. Are you still a lurker??? How did things work out for you?


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I made an appointment to see him Wednesday.

Oh how I wish people would follow up here with a complete history--up to full recovery. It would make research so much easier. :( I do appreciate the lead though. I was trying to contact Dr Bascom in Oregon before I found this lead here.


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Atlanta, GA

Dr. Stephen Barnett. He is amazing! Extremely caring and gentle. He's one of the best in town though, so it's hard to get in to him. He only comes in on Wednesdays to his office in the Piedmont Hospital Doctors' Complex, but he does surgeries on other days. Everyone at the hospital seems to love him, too!


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Can you give more info on how to find this doc? I'm in Atlanta and my primary doc told me to go to a general surgeon. Also... how did you decide this was the right doctor in the first place? Thanks!


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His number is 404-351-2112. His office (as I said) is in the Piedmont Hospital Doctors' Complex on Collier Rd. I decided on him after my GP recommended several surgeons and I did some research. Plus, everyone at the hospital absolutely loves him and says he's the best. He's very caring and, while he tries to be conservative if you don't need surgery, he's not afraid to do what he has to do to help!


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Dr. Jeffery Cohen - Marietta

Yesterday I had my Pilonidal Cyst excised by Dr. Jeffery Cohen of the Atlanta Colon and Rectal Surgery, P.A. His office is one street over from Kennestone Hospital in Marietta.

I was extremely embarassed to have anyone look at my rear end, but Dr. Cohen was great. He is a kind gentleman with a great bedside manner. My visit with him only took about 15 minutes. The entire clinic was descrete and professinal. I was treated with dignity. I strongly suggest having Dr. Cohen take care of your problem. The clinic does take Blue Cross / Blue Shield HMO.

Directions & info


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Dr. Rosen: Austell, Ga

Hi! Thank you so much for posting about the Atlanta Colon and Rectal Surgery website!

I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Seth Rosen at their Austell location, after not trusting my dermatologist to excise my cyst. I tried to make an appointment with Dr. Cohen or Dr. Lieberman but I was told that they do not accept BCBS of Georgia HMO's, but Dr. Rosen does. I have an appointment in a little over a week. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I have also found a Wound Care Center of Atlanta Medical Center. They also accept HMO's, Medicare/Medicaid, and other private insurance plans. I'll keep this place in mind if I ever have any concerns about healing. Their website is:

(On the top left of the home page, click on "our services", then "medical services", then scroll to the bottom of the page for info on the wound care center)

Hope this is helpful to someone!


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Statesboro, GA

Hello everyone! I had my excision done by Dr. Camille Atallah from Statesboro, GA. His practice is with Cedar Surgical Associates in Statesboro. I'm less than 4 weeks post-op and I'm healing very well. He was very knowledgeable and confident, which was reassuring. Apparently he's done several dozen excisions. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to know more. In the Atlanta area, Dr. Joseph Mims at Piedmont Surgical Associates was also highly recommended. Hope this helps!


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New Surgeon in Atlanta


I recently moved to Atlanta. I prefer, when possible, to perform the Fishbein-Handelsman rotation flap to completely excise pilonidal tissue and close the defect. It should not be done when there is an acute abscess but can be done within a week or two after drainage to control an acute flare-up.

The procedure has stood the test of time. I have been performing this since I was a resident in the 1980's with reliable results and rare complications.

I see patients through the Emory Clinic.

Timothy G. Buchman, Ph.D., M.D.


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I had my surgery 5 weeks ago (excision, open wound) done by Dr. Lloyd Winger of North Atlanta Surgical Associates. It's at Piedmont Fayetteville Hospital in Fayetteville, he was kind, and even funny. He made me feel great going into the surgery and even waved to me as I was being wheeled into the OR through the window into the cleaning station.

Here's all the info:
Dr. Lloyd Winger
North Atlanta Surgical Associates
1265 West Highway 54, Suite 500-B, Fayetteville GA 30214
Fax: 678-817-4339

Kim B

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Dr. Harry Lieberman of Atlanta Colon and Rectal Surgery, P.A in Marietta, GA is great. He's patient, really understands this condition and takes the time to explain things. He even draws pictures! He definitely takes a proactive, but conservative approach to treatment. He opts for what will best address your needs, while getting you healed and back to your routine as quickly as possible. He's honest, and this is important because no one wants a doctor who is giving them false hope.

His office is located in the same building as the Marietta Surgery Center where he performs his outpatient procedures. Everyone that I have encountered during this process has been kind, helpful, knowledgable, and very accomodating. This is my 3rd surgery of pilonidal cysts/abscesses over the past 16 years; my first with Dr. Lieberman. I finally feel that I have a surgeon who truly understands my condition and is doing everything to help this be my last.


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After reading this post, I had to join this group to share my experience as others have done here. It is amazing the different opinions and experiences people have with doctors. Dr. Harry Liberman has been brought in to oversee my treatment through the emergency room at Kennestone hospital (which is where he gets most of his business from) multiple times over the last few years because he was the first to see me there. I have found him to be dishonest and totally lacking in integrity. He has prescribed medications that were listed in my file that I was allergic to that put my life in danger on multiple occasions ( and trust me – NO ATTORNEY will take on a malpractice suit if you survive), and been dishonest with me all along, telling me what he evidently thought I wanted to hear to cut the visits short. If anyone out there thinks this man is their friend, please go read what he had to say about you in your medical records before confronting me – you may be in for a shock. My favorite saying with him is: if his lips are moving, you can be confident he is lying. This is my personal experience with this man. I offer this as a forewarning to anyone contemplating putting themselves in his care. Take it for what it’s worth to you and go in fully informed.

Kim B

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Bewildered2: do you mind sharing more details about Dr. said he was dishonest and lacked integrity. How so? You've sparked my curiosity about your experiences. As a current patient, if I need to reconsider my choice or be on the lookout, dI'd certainly like to know. If you would prefer to share via email vs the forum, please let me know. Thanks!


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Hi Kim,
Sorry it was your post that spurred my input. We are all out here in search for a good colorectal surgeon and counting on input from others going through the same thing. I am so pleased to hear that your experience with Liberman was a good one, but I cannot believe that I am the only person out here that has had a negative experience while being under his care. I encourage others to speak up and share their experiences. If there was a post out there for me, I certainly would have paid attention and rethought my surgical choices.

If you have no allergies to chemicals or medications, you will likely come through OK. Just take everything he says with a grain of salt, and verify it through another source if necessary. If, however, you have an unusual condition, you may run the risk of having a complacent physician repeatedly overlook that information in your file and find yourself in great danger because of it. I also advocate regularly reviewing your medical records at your local hospital. As terrifying as this thought may be, misinformation can find its way into your file, which will be called up and reviewed by every doctor treating you. You have to take a proactive stand to make sure that information is as true and accurate as it can be. Your life may one day depend on it.


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I just had the bascom pit picking performed by Dr. John S. Kennedy of DeKalb Surgical Associates. Their number is 404-508-4320. He is a general surgeon and I highly recommend him and pit picking as a first procedure.