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My daughter had her procedure done by Dr. Liberman yesterday, 4/25/13 at the Marietta Outpatient Surgery Center. He has been wonderful. He did a pit picking procedure with an off-midline excision to clean the area and remove cyst and debris. He did not remove any tissue and the wound incision is 1.5". His nurse Lisa is wonderful, as they don't typically see kids, but since she was 15 he agreed to see her after I wanted a second opinion vs. the one I received from a pediatric general surgeon that wanted to do a full excision. In fact, our initial plan was to see how long my daughter could have the cyst without flare up, as he didn't want to jump into surgery on a young girl. Should I have a nagative experience with him/staff as we move forward in healing I will follow up, as for now my husband and I are happy that I found him on this site.


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@Lory, I live in Douglas and I'm thinking about surgery, what type of surgery did Adam have? Has he had a recurrence?


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Going to see Dr. Lieberman tomorrow for the first time. I was really put off by Bewildered's post. Has anyone else who has seen Dr. Lieberman have any feedback? As far as I can tell he is the only Doctor in GA who does the Cleft Left procedure.

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JohnL: I'm a former patient of Dr. Lieberman. Posted about my experiences 2 years ago on this thread. Unfortunately, I have had multiple flair ups since my last procedure. In hind sight I wish that Dr. L had used a more aggressive strategy. He performed an off cleft incision, with cleaning and debridement of the area. This didn't get everything and a pocket on the other side remains. I have opted to "deal with it" as the 2011 procedure was my 3rd surgery. So I am very over it to say the least as I have suffered with pilonidal cysts since I was 13 years old. I am now 31.

I think Dr. L is ok, but not always the most gentle during post op visits. So prepare yourself for that. I was healing too quickly on the outside and he opened me back up. In office. With no numbing meds. With thise long wooden qtips. Needless to say, I'm sure they heard me in the waiting room. His staff is great. He is good at explaining things in a clear manner. He takes his time with you. With that being said, I would not see him again because I need someone who would have a more aggressive treatment plan. And having someone who is more gentle when it comes to wound care is a must.

Get a second opinion. Most people go conservative if this is their first flair up. I say go aggressive in the beginning because the likelihood of reoccurrence from conservative treatment is very high. In my case, I am prone to cysts so I will most likely not seek further treatment. I have discovered several holistic treatments that have been helpful, in addition to a heating pad.

I do think a Colon and rectal surgeon is most appropriate. Just be sure to get more than one opinion. Im not going to tell you not to see Dr. Lieberman, you have to go by your own feelings. Good luck and I hope that whomever you choose works out well!

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I've seen Dr. Rosen twice. First for a lancing and then an excision. I like his minimalist approach. I was at ease after the first visit. Instead of deep and wide excision in a single procedure, he lanced and then allowed almost two months to heal before removing the source infection. Things have gone the best I could have hope for. I hope to have my last follow up soon.

Dr. Rosen: Austell, Ga

Hi! Thank you so much for posting about the Atlanta Colon and Rectal Surgery website!

I was able to make an appointment with Dr. Seth Rosen at their Austell location, after not trusting my dermatologist to excise my cyst. I tried to make an appointment with Dr. Cohen or Dr. Lieberman but I was told that they do not accept BCBS of Georgia HMO's, but Dr. Rosen does. I have an appointment in a little over a week. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

I have also found a Wound Care Center of Atlanta Medical Center. They also accept HMO's, Medicare/Medicaid, and other private insurance plans. I'll keep this place in mind if I ever have any concerns about healing. Their website is:

(On the top left of the home page, click on "our services", then "medical services", then scroll to the bottom of the page for info on the wound care center)

Hope this is helpful to someone!

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After reading this post, I had to join this group to share my experience as others have done here. It is amazing the different opinions and experiences people have with doctors. Dr. Harry Liberman has been brought in to oversee my treatment through the emergency room at Kennestone hospital (which is where he gets most of his business from) multiple times over the last few years because he was the first to see me there. I have found him to be dishonest and totally lacking in integrity. He has prescribed medications that were listed in my file that I was allergic to that put my life in danger on multiple occasions ( and trust me – NO ATTORNEY will take on a malpractice suit if you survive), and been dishonest with me all along, telling me what he evidently thought I wanted to hear to cut the visits short. If anyone out there thinks this man is their friend, please go read what he had to say about you in your medical records before confronting me – you may be in for a shock. My favorite saying with him is: if his lips are moving, you can be confident he is lying. This is my personal experience with this man. I offer this as a forewarning to anyone contemplating putting themselves in his care. Take it for what it’s worth to you and go in fully informed.

Fyi: Lieberman has left Atlanta Colon & Rectal. Dr. Ge N. Yu is who I have an appointment with, at Northside.


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I have heard from many of my patients about a forum listing my name. I was curious to see the posts. After reading many posts, I just want everyone who is suffering from this problem there is hope and doctors who care and can help.
I am Dr. Rasque. I specialize in colon and rectal surgery. I have a special interest in a few areas one in particular is pilonidal disease. I was taught how to do cleft lift or cleft closure technique in my fellowship 15 years ago. I have utilized this surgery to treat pilonidal disease for many years. Initially it was reserved for recurrent disease or complex disease or non healing wounds but as the years went by it became my procedure of choice for pilonidal cyst except for less severe cases then I will opt for simpler Bascom procedure which is lateral incision with midline pit removal. I have had good success with both. The key to healing is keeping wound off the center. I have done several cleft lift surgeries over the past year. I was very surprised to hear from many patients how difficult it was to find a surgeon who does this procedure.
I just wanted everyone suffering. I am happy to help.
I am still practicing in the Atlanta Geogia area. I have joined a great colon and rectal surgery practice: The name is ATL colorectal surgery. The address of my new practice is 95 Collier Rd NW Suite 4025 Atlanta, GA 30309. I have privleges at Piedmont and Northside hospitals. I see patients at several office locations including buckhead, midtown area near piedmont hospital. I also see patients in Lithia Springs, East Cobb, and Sandy springs. My Office number is (404) 574-5820. I look forward to hearing from those dealing with this problem and helping them find a cure and better quality of life.


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I am a surgeon located in Raleigh, North Carolina. I have been performing the Cleft Lift Procedure in children and adults over the last 12 years with great results. I am a great advocate of that procedure and believe it is the best cure we currently have for pilonidal disease with the quickest recovery and least recurrence rate.
It is really disheartening to read the stories of patients with all the suffering knowing that there is a cure.
I already treated at least 2 patients from the Atlanta area and would like to help those who are suffering from this condition in any way I can by giving advise or performing surgery.
Here is a link to our hospital website:
Surgery if needed can be done on an outpatient basis with patients going back home, even in a different state, on the same day
George Wadie, MD, FACS, FAAP