Had 2 cleft lift surgeries, 2.5 months out and the disease is back


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My daughter, who is 13 yrs old, has I guess you could say a more severe case of pilonidal disease. She had the cleft lift surgery in July and about 3-4 weeks into recovery she had issues with pressure, drainage, blood and pain. She had her second cleft lift surgery mid September. Her surgeon used blue dye to inject in the holes so that he could get all the cells/tissue that was connected to the holes and such. We went back for her check ups and everything was healing and looked great. We saw the surgeon November 5th and was released from his care and was able to go back to normal activity which is basketball training. She was taking it easy being that she has been recovering from the past two surgeries. Four days ago she came to me and said she thought she was bleeding from her butt area. I looked and thought I saw a hole. Her surgeon saw us the very next day and confirmed she does have a hole. So we are looking to see if there are any other options or another procedure to do. She is the first person that he will have had to do the surgery a third time on. Has anyone ever had this happen before? If so did you try something different?

The first cleft lift surgery the doctor said the length of the amount of tissue he had to remove was from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your index finger if you made an L with you hand. He said it was a deep cavity.
We live in Columbus,Ohio

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Can you share the name of the doctor who did the surgery?

From what I have learned here, it's really important to go to someone who is very experienced and knowledgeable with the cleft lift and specifically does it the Bascom way (that's the guy who invented it). If you had two failed surgeries with this doctor, you may want to go to someone else this time. There is a list on here of all-star cleft lift surgeons! Sending love and peace to your daughter, that is so young to be dealing with this :(

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I would go to Dr Wadie in Raleigh. He is a pediatric surgeon and one of the pilonidal experts in the country. He is very knowledgeable and has great bedside manner especially with kids. Go nowhere else. Check his website for information pilonidalsurgery.org