Have more questions for those who had surgery

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Ok Im reading some of this and now I am wondering. Do they cut next to the butthole? Sorry but thats the only word that works right now?

Is there any way of knowing how big your cut will be, or do I just have to wait till I wake up tomorrow after surgery?

I know my doc said I have one sinus/cannal/tunnel what ever it is, but he never told me how big. Does he even know or does it just depend on what they find in the surgery room?

Also I am going to be asking for MAC, those of you who have Mac please tell me if you felt anything? I am just scared of the tube down my throat, and I don't want to be puking. I beleive in my other surgery's I had the Mac or something like it. I just recently found all this out.

Thanks everyone, I sure hope I am not becoming annoying, just trying to figure some things out before tomorrow. One minute I feel fine the next I feel so so nervous.

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