having my 2nd surgery tomorrow

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I'm having a pilonidal surgery in less than 24 hours.
This will be my second surgery. I had one about a year ago this time. But another pilonidal came back. It has been painful for about a month and around christmas time (yeah nice present) it popped. So I called the same surgeon who did the first surgery and got an appointment. He said that I need another surgery which I had assumed. This cyst/abcess is a bit higher than the last one. I had a closed midline incision surgery last time. About a 2" incision and like six stitches, which were taken out 10 days after surgery.
The problem last time was my incision didn't heal correctly, and it left some small sinuses. I think that is why I got a reoccurance. I really have been trying to keep it clean and dry. But I guess I wasn't too vidgulent. I also haven't been shaving the area. I guess once I am healed, I will start this as my routine.
The 1st surgery took about an hour and I had general anaesticia. I was in the hospital for two days.
This time I may be in the hospital for a shorter period. My insurance company approved the surgery and a 23 hour stay. Anything after that the hospital has to get pre-authorization for me to stay.
Last time, my insurance company played games, first denying the surgery. My surgeon called the medical review board and pleaded my case and won.

Anyway, just a bit anxieous for this second surgery. I really hope this is the last of them. There won't be anything left for the surgeon to take out if I have to have a third surgery. Another thing I noticed, which my surgeon told me before my 1st surgery, is that the skin will obviously get tigher because of the incision and infected areas that have to be taken out. Now this second surgery, I hope the skin doesn't get too much tighter as it would make it harder to clean and keep dry.

I sent my surgeon this site and I hoped he looked it over good so maybe he got some ideas on a different incision technique or anything else. Thanks for the great wealth of info here. Keep it up!

edit: I forgot to mention that the area where the incision is, I've lost a lot of feeling there. While it isn't too important, I'm kind of concerned what kind of feeling loss there will be this time. The surgeon originally told me he was going to use the same incision line as before and then explore if he had to go higher to remove anything.
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