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My partner is currently healing from his 3rd PS surgery.
1st- sinus removed and left open (never fully healed)
2nd- sinus removed and closed with stitches (never completely healed. Small holes at the bottom of wound)
3rd- sinus removes and half stitched at the bottom and rest left open.

this last surgery he has had such a better experience, hardly any set backs and no infections. Healing has been going really well. The stitches held but the top stitch that connected to the part left open has stretched and that part of the wound is taking a while to heal. The top I can see is doing well I think! we really don’t want to get too far down the line and the bottom not close over. there is no hole there it is just a superficial wound now.

due to it being an area that doesnt like to heal we would really like some tips on how to help it along!! ??
Thanks in advance!!