Hidradenitis suppurativa correlation to pilonidal cysts

Do you have hidradenitis suppurativa?

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I have both H.S and pilonidal cysts. Trying to see how many other people how have same.

Hidradenitis suppurativa is basically auto immune disease where your immune system attacks hair follicles in the arm pit/groin area. I've had them for same amount of time that I've had pilonidal cysts.


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I've always had Hidradenitis suppurativa (H.S) and had never been diagnosed because i was too scared to voice my concerns to my doctor. As a young kid they went away after cleaning and time. I thought it was just apart of my life and something I should expect. A year ago i was diagnosed with Pilonidal sinus, had it excised about 25cm deep daily packing and cleaning until it healed. Had a serious fall in may 2018 and caused another flare up with the Pilonidal sinus, that was operated on in the same manner in september of 2018 however this one was done differently and the doctor created a tunnel which was too narrow for the nurses to pack two days after surgery. Surgeon had a full mailbox and unresponsive emails for 2 months and until they finally emailed me back. To which i declined a follow up appt due to it being close already.. Jan 2019 some early indications of a flare up that is making me scared enough I just asked my GP for a referral to a specialist a few hours away in my province. I know how long it takes for referrals so I didn't want to waste time.

My GP was following up from an appt i had in dec 2018 with her regarding a condition i had been diagnosed with as folliculitis. After hearing all my symptoms she told me about Hidradenitis suppurativa and I have been researching it ever since. I would be interested to know your results if you get more people voting. Please keep me updated with your progress if you don't mind. Collectively we all have knowledge with our experiences.


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When i went to see a dermatologist she thought what i had was hidradenitis suppurativa. I've been told many different things over the last few years which kind of confused me. I wasn't sure i had it, but then i developed a second cyst - one on my tailbone and one further down... I'm curious to see how you guys manage this.

My dermatologist gave me a round of antibiotics for like 3 months and it just didnt feel right being on it for so long. (ethromycin). She mentioned hormone injections and things maybe the next step but i didn't go back cos the last appt she said it looked fine - but it became inflammed again. i could also only get appts 3-5months away so the odds of seeing her when my cyst was super inflamed was low.