I wouldn't even wish this to my worst enemy. [STORY]


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It all started last year. Once when I woke up, I felt some slight pain while sitting, thinking that it might just be a nasty pimple (I get pimples extremely often.) So tomorrow, it still was there. I thought that it will eventually come to a head and pop. No, still nothing. So I alerted my parents, which started to think that it was a pimple too, and my mom tried to pop it several times with no success.
Later, we went to a doctor. That then told me to instantly get to the hospital.

So we drove from one end of the city to another to the hospital. I got accepted quite quick, was instantly put on the table and after doing some stuff to it, they took a scalpel and started cutting it. No anesthesia, so I felt some of the WORST PAIN before it finally drained and stopped. I got it patched up as a temporary thing, and got issued a diagonse that stated "L05.0 - Pilonidal cyst with abscess".
After a week or 2, I was finally OK again, until...

2 months ago, I started noticing something unusual in the area where the cyst was. No pain this time, though. Just something weird. So when I came back from school, my dad told me that we'll just go to the hospital. This time, we waited about a hour and half before we got inside. They cleaned it, patched it up again, and told us to clean the area with hydrogen peroxide and repatch it when necessary with betadine, and told us to come to an appointment next week.

Fast-forward to my second appointment. This time, it was about a hour or so waiting time. There they patched that yet again, and told us that without surgery, it will just keep reopening and reopening and reopening, and then scheduled us for an appointment for today (8th June).

Fast-forward to today. Unlike the classic quick treatment doors, we had to go into Building D, which is one of the buildings that weren't renovated since the communist era, unlike CAM which is shiny and new.
After half a hour or so, we finally got to go inside. When we handed the papers, the nurse started lecturing us about how the surgery needed to be done last year, etc etc etc. Then I had to lay on the table yet again, then they for some reason put an empty IV needle in there (Don't know why), took it off and repatched it again.

After that, we had to plan a date. The nurse wouldn't even let us to plan a date that is enough for me to prepare myself mentally, the only term we could plan is 1st July, the exact day when school ends. I couldn't even go back to home because I was so devastated that it's going to be so soon. I like, had to keep myself from crying even though I'm on antidepressants. They went and issued agreement forms like "agreement to total anesthesia" and stuff.

And now that I'm home, I registered an account on these forums and wrote this to get help or at least some motivation because I read other internet posts regarding this, and they said that it's an extremely painful process.

TL;DR: Got a surgery planned on 1st July. I'm absolutely sad and stressed now that it's so soon.

PS: I'm a person located in the Czech Republic, that was diagnosed with autism, and I mostly feel more pain than anyone else.


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