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I'm looking for a doctor that performs laser surgery for pilonidal cysts. Dr. Earl McAllister is unfortunately not covered by my insurance. I am aware of all the surgical options and that the Cleft Lift has the lowest rate of reoccurrence, but I would like to first try something minimally invasive.

I came across the IBI Healthcare Center located in Tampa, Florida. I found them through a video online going through how the Silac procedure is performed. The doctor who performs the procedure is Dr. Christopher Ibikunle. Has anyone had any experiences with this center or doctor?

I'm also open to any doctor recommendations in the Tampa Bay area for laser surgery.

Thank you!
@TMEmm Hi! I’m looking into anywhere in Florida or even nationwide for the laser ablation surgery. Did you finally go w the Tampa dr? I’m a bit concerned over some reviews.
I just came across IBI Healthcare Institute and the SiLaC treatment. I'm from Florida as well has anyone delt with them or anything?
I did not. I found a doctor in Gainesville fl. They arnt sure about surgery though cause my opening is only about a 1/8 inch wide and deep and only opens and drains maybe 4 time a year, never with an infection or swelling. They said any surgery would have to potential to make a small wound bigger. I'm not sure what to do.