If you need a cure for your pineal cyst Dr.Brian Shrager from New Jersey is the one! He cured my son.


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My son 19 year old got diagnosed with a pilonidal Syst 3 years ago and we were referred to go see a general surgeon for surgery. That was where the nightmare began. He had the surgery and then the next 3 years were a total nightmare for him. The way the surgeon did the surgery did not fix his problem and he was constantly having drainage even having to wear a maxi pad and his underwear. We kept going back to the surgeon countless times for in office procedures that didn’t work. Being so young it really affected his Quality of life. He was the type of kid that was always in sports and always at the gym. It really began to take over his life. One night I had just had enough of this dealing with this every day things he would miss out on because he was so embarrassed he had this problem . I was just so sad watching him suffer. I started googling doctors that specialized in pineal cysts. Not knowing if that was even a thing.I was willing to go across country or whatever it took to get this fixed. It just seemed to us that it was never going to be fixable and it was going to be his way of life and I just couldn’t imagine that. Well that night I found our miracle and it was Dr. Brian Shrager and he was only 30 minutes away from us! I couldn’t believe it! I was so excited the next day to call his office and make an appointment .I was still skeptical if we are really going to find a cure for this. We got a appointment and when we met with him he was so caring, understanding,and so knowledgeable. He did an exam on my son and then he took us into his office and explained to us that he would be able to fix my son’s problem with a surgery that was called the cleft lift procedure. He had us sitting there and explained to us every detail of the surgery and how it worked and he was very confident. We both where so happy I remember leaving his office and it was like a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders and we both were so happy that we had found him and couldn’t wait for the surgery to happen. Well the surgery day came and Dr.Brian Shrager talked to us before surgery and was so professional and had such a great bedside manner. I was really nervous and because of Covid I had to leave the surgery center. Dr.Brian Shrager told me not to worry and that he would call me as soon as the procedure was done. He did just that and he explained to me the surgery went well and everything to expect in the next few days.He also told my son and I if you have any problems you could call or text me anytime and I will be happy to help you. I was so shocked that is amazing talented Doctor also had this amazing bedside manner! Seriously he is total package !That’s so hard to find! My son did wind up calling him on a Sunday he had a few questions and Dr.Brian Shrager was so nice to him and told him everything he was feeling was normal. Now it is 3 weeks post surgery as my son’s surgery site is totally healed and looks amazing! He is working out going to the gym .I’ve never seen him this happy in three years he has totally got his life back! I told Dr.Brian Shrager people need to know about him people shouldn’t ever have to live this way because of this disease. Dr.Brian Shrager is a true blessing and I will be forever grateful for all his care and his amazing surgery skills❤️