Im Back... almost 6 years later


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Hi, love the site re-do. Great job. Wish I didnt have to find my way back though. Ya’ll are great but pilonidal is not.

2013 - initial infection - Urgent care lance of absece
2013- secondary infection- first excision
2014- third infection - second excision
2014 - confirmation of sinus - cleft lift with colon rectal specialist
2015-Today no issues aside from normal scar tissue buildup and normal skin pulling due to position and keloid scars. Maybe some feint itching since August but no Discharge / bleeding

I had a hysterectomy in August so Ive been pretty sedentary even in my free time recovering. And the hormonal train ride has made me pretty depressed. So I havent been as diligent about showering daily etc.

today unbearable itching and noticed a feeling of wetness. No pain, warmth, or redness though.
Used steril gauze to check it out brownish discharge and blood, small smell of infection but Ive had so much worse.
Had husband take picture... area is covered in hair (im black so its course) and the area is inflamed and can see a opening of a sinus. No clear swelling though. It is red. it appears it occurred at the bottom edge of one of my incision line.

so obviously its been 6 years Ive got the pilonidal panic, I really really really don’t want to be doing another surgery.

I was just feeling like my medical health concerns were over and I can move on with my life and start losing the weight Ive gained from my chronic illnesses.

any advice? Should I reach out to the colon rectal surgeon, go to urgent care for some antibiotics and try to manage at home given its been the first infection in a while?

i am completely panicked and disgusted with myself that this has come back now.
Any feedback appreciated.


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I would check with the original surgeon if he was a reputable surgeon and experienced in cleft lift or seek out a better more experienced surgeon from what I know about my son’s condition that would be my advice - good luck!


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Hi! I am currently in the same situation. I had the surgery 5 years ago and today I have some discomfort, itching and a little fluid coming from the bottom out the incision scar.
did yours get better? What did you end up doing?


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I would reach out to a surgeon familiar with the cleft lift procedure and who has experience operating after previously unsuccessful surgeries. I would steer clear of general surgeons for pilonidal disease.