Incision and Drainage Aftercare Questions


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First off I'd like to say that finding this forum was a god send once I found out what I had. I definitely get more potential answers from here than from the doctors.

Here's a little back story to my pilonidal:
One day out of the blue I discovered sharp pain in my tailbone after I tried to do a sit up. I attributed it to a bruised tailbone or something of the like. After a few days of the pain getting worse and realizing I have suffered no trauma to my tailbone recently (or ever) I decided something was actually wrong.

I went in to a urgent care clinic where the doc took a look and told me I had some sort of infection. He prescribed me cloxacillin (antibiotic) and said if those don't help in 48 hours to go to the ER to get it drained. Lo and behold, the pain only got worse and I began to develop a red lump that was extremely tender to the touch. I'm sure as you all know, this was the worst pain I have ever felt, so I trudged into the ER.

I waited 6 hours in the waiting room (sitting on those chairs was hell - my lower back began to hurt from having to lean forward) and then 5 hours in a procedure room. Eventually the doc came in and put me out with a sedative and went to business making an incision and draining it. He packed it with gauze and covered it with a dressing which I'm to change if it gets soaked from the incision. He told me to come back in 2 days to get the packing removed which he assured me wouldn't hurt, and he would see if it needs to be repacked. After that, I was sent home.

Other than that, he gave me no other aftercare information. Didn't tell me how long it would take to heal or whether I could get it wet, etc. So that's what I'm here to ask.

1. Approximately how long did your incision and drainage take to heal (I know everyone is different)? And did you get it packed or not?

2. Were you able to take a shower or get the area wet?

3. Have you had to get it lanced more than once?

4. How was the pain after the incision and drainage? Mine isn't as bad as it was before the procedure but I'm still having some pain that was similar to before it was drained.

5. For how long did you have to get it repacked?

6. How much time did you take off of work/school for this?

Thank you all in advance, and I really appreciate your help.