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The requirements for posting your surgeon's name: the surgeon must have operated on YOU, you must be at least 6 weeks post op, the surgeon must have been caring, compassionate and really known their stuff about Pilonidal surgery.

Please post in the correct STATE or COUNTRY thread with the name, type of specialty (C/R, C/R Board Certified, General, etc), and city of your surgeon.

If you can't find anyone close to your area in these posts, please got to for lists of surgeons all over the world.


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Dr. Clifford Deal in Richmond VA is wonderful!!! I found him on these forums and saw him for a 2nd opinion after seeing another area surgeon who wanted to do a closed excision - I knew from lurking on for so many years that a cleft lift had a much higher success rate, and the first doc I consulted didn't do them. Dr. Deal thought I was a candidate for the lower option - a pit picking - and successfully performed mine 3 months ago with the caveat that if it wasn't successful, we'd do a cleft lift. 3 months later, things are still looking great! Dr. Deal has a great team, great bedside manner, and seems to truly have his patients' well-being at heart. Highly recommended!!


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I'm in a England, West London.
My surgeon was Ms Ijaz. Mount Vernon/hillingdon hospital.
Absolutely fanstastic. Still checks in on me over a month later (very big wound) and explained and answered any query or worrisome question I had. Makes you feel very comfortable and at ease