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Hi everyone,

I’m amazed to have found this place. This website has helped me understand this problem much better and I’m thankful for all the insight it’s provided.

I’m a 25 y/o girl from Australia. For years (probably 10) I had tiny flare ups maybe once a year with my cyst. I had no idea what it was just thought I’d hurt my tailbone (never had any drainage just discomfort for a few days before it went away). Last year the cyst got infected and massive and I got put on a round of antibiotics. The swelling went down and a boil type head developed over the area. It popped and it was gross but the draining was the best pain reliever ever. Anyway, it didn’t flare up again for a few months. After a period of no flare ups, I had a few maybe 3 in a 6 month period but they were small with minimal discomfort and popped after a few days. I kept them clean and they went away.

Recently I’ve been having the same thing but they’re popping, draining and coming back after about 4-5 days. This has happened about 3 times in a row. I’m going to the doctor now because it seems like my body can’t clear out the infection so I’m going to get onto some antibiotics and see how it goes. I’ll update you on if I get some relief before the next one inevitably pops up.
I’m going overseas for a few months and would like to look at lancing or a cleft lift surgery when I get back. Just wondering if anyone experienced this as well? With how persistent it’s becoming I’m starting to get worried. Does anyone have know much about lancing vs cleft lift ? I’ve read that lancing is not very effective and I’m wondering if it’s worth bothering with it or going straight to the surgery. Has anyone else done this?

Apologies for so many questions. It’s great to know a community like this exists.


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There is no getting away from it - you need surgery. It’s infected and just keeps coming back and it will until you get something done. Antibiotics alone will not clear the problem. Lancing is used predominantly to get rid of the infection and ‘clear it out’. The chance of it returning after just a lance and drain is high. Cleft lift is a procedure which is more preventative. It doesn’t clear infection. Some surgeons will do them both at the same time I’ve heard but mine wouldn’t. I’ve just had my second lancing surgery and have a consultation in 6 weeks to discuss cleft lift procedure. Either way you need to make an appointment to discuss with your options with someone. Leaving it will only make it worse

Good luck!