Is there a netural way to treat Pilonidal sinus? i have it mildy once a year


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Hi all,

I am 25 and last July suddenly had a sore/tender/ painful when sitting, tailbone, (coccyx)
as I weight train 3 times a week, I just assumed I pulled a glute muscle which affected the tailbone by lifting too much in bad form

I think after about 3 weeks the pain went away, thanks to a doughnut cushion to sit on,
I wouldn’t call it pain but just very uncomfortable to sit on

so over the last month this pain has returned, I initially assumed a sports injury again, until I came across this condition which seemed to match my problems

I initially noticed when I got up from the toilet there was a bit of blood smeared on the toilet seat (where the tailbone would have touched), just a small circle amount,
this stopped about a week later, then I noticed in my boxer shorts when waking there was a yellow discharge in the tailbone position, this has appeared every morning since
again, a small circle amount, size of a UK 50p

I have read surgery and antibiotics are the usual treatment, but don’t fix the problem, just cover it up, so patients return to the same treatment 6-12 months later

I would consider my symptom a discomfort when sitting , if not using a doughnut cushion, but nothing more than that

- is this classed as mild pilonidol sinus, or moderate?

- I don’t want to take antibiotics or have surgery, as I have a pre-existing condition, MS, and this will exacerbate it

So I was wondering if there are any natural ways to treat, besides the conventional antibiotics and surgery,
which from what I have read cause awful pain and symptoms

A relative who is a GP suggested I clean the sinus twice daily with surgical spirit wipes and cover with a padded plaster. he also suggests applying tea tree cream twice daily to the sinus for its antibiotic properties

does this sound like a suitable treatment option?


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I would say that it is completely your decision. I lived with it for about 6 years, pretty bad flare ups about every 3 months. Most I was able to drain on my own with hot water or a heat pack. A couple of times I had to go to the ER and have it lanced. All in all i would call my case moderate because I have seen much worse on this forum. I probably could have lived with it for the rest of my life but last year I got a really bad flare up and had to miss my sons elementary school graduation.. After that I decided to go for surgery.

I don't know if what your GP suggested will help but I don't see how it could hurt. Based on my experience and research on this and others forums it is very unlikely that it is just going to go away on its own, even with antibiotics. But based on your post it seams to be draining on it's own and not causing you too much pain. So if you can live with it great but if not you may eventually need surgery.