Is this reoccurrence or scar problems? (Pic)


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Hi, I had excision of my cyst in 2013 while in the military, open wound healing. Healed very fast and within a week or so I had zero pain. However, a few years ago the pain started to come back. Since then, there has been no pitting, no draining, no new head, etc. But sitting for more than 10 minutes it starts to hurt. And when I have periods of sitting for a while (lots of flying, driving, conferences, etc.) it will be more painful for longer. It feels like deep under the skin there is firm cavity of something, contrasting it to the other side of my buttox that is very soft. I have seen some doctors, surgeons, and even had a new CT scan (without rectal contrast, just IV and oral). They all say, it has not come back....just painful scarring. Would a scar become painful after years of being fine?

This last few weeks it has been very sore. Well, I took some pictures today and it is clear there is some sort of problem...the redness along the scar. I am not bleeding, or draining. Does this look like a scar being torn open? Cyst reoccurance? Or is this what scars look like when they are aggitated? I am frustrated that no doctor seems to what to help me. My pain and discomfort is about at the level as when I had the cyst (just no drainage). See picture. Thanks.