Just found a Cyst

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It started of as a pimple and has now grown into a small lump

I first thought of it as a boil but now I relise how serious this could be as I found the term "Pilonidal cyst" whilst searching for things related to boils.

I'm in complete pain & can barly sit down

Luckly for me I always lay on my side when I sleep and that causes me no pain so sleep is the best thing I look for in the day and lucky for me I get my fair share of it.

What would be my first step I mean do I go to the doctors? Also I live in the UK do we have to pay for health treatment over hear? I'm only 16 and this is all above my head.

Also if I could have the biggest surgery possible to remove whatevers causing it will it ever come back?

Surgery does not worry me at all but the thought of feeling like this again really does.
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