Just pulled hair out


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Hi... first post here. Probably have dealt with abscesses for past 10 years or so and they get about a small pea size and eventually burst. I had never gone to doctor until last week and said it was pilonidal. I basically just never addressed cause the outcome worried me.

Anyways, has an abscess last couple days and today I went to pull some lint out (sorry TMI) but it wasnt lint and I pulled a small bulb of hair with led to about an inch long straight clump of hair. Looks like it was a wet clump from my head that falls at the barber, but instead came from inside. Wild and gross at once. Sort of fascinating. But I'm going to doctor on Friday which was already scheduled.

Have others pulled this hair clump out? Did it lead to short term or long term help? Did it do nothing? I can't help but think it's a good thing to get that abnormal hair clump out.