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Hi all,

Quick bit of background on myself. I first had a pilonidal cyst about four years ago. Had it done at the hospital as an open wound as it had gotten badly infected and ended up in emergency. I also back then at 19 had no idea really what I was dealing with. Anyway, took a few months of packing but healed all good and for four years no issues.

Well cue to this year and back it came, almost overnight to badly infected. Back to the hospital as again hadn't really looked into it too much. Had the open wound treatment again, but three days after surgery they realized they hadn't got it all out and had to go back in. Was left with a 7cm long x 4cm deep wound.

That was in May and now in September it is still slowly healing - 2cm long and under 1cm deep. At my last checkup the surgeon thought it wasn't looking good and recommended we do the open wound again. To which I say, hell no!

So a bunch of research (thanks to this website) and I ended up speaking with Dr. LP Cheah in Melbourne about a Karydakis procedure. He seems really knowledgeable but a little emotionless!

I just had some questions which I can't seem to find clearly any answers too.

1. Firstly, has anyone else here had Dr. Cheah and have any comments or feedback?
2. I asked Dr. Cheah about a drain post surgery and he actually told me he doesn't use a drain, is this common?
3. Healing time for a Karydakis doesn't seem clearly defined, but Dr. Cheah thinks I will be back to work after one week, albeit should refrain from sitting for long periods (work in an office), how does this align with others here?

That's really all my questions for now but may ask more down the line.
I haven't had mine yet but there is another girl on here who had hers and is about 2 weeks or more post surgery so you could get some good answers from her I'm sure. I'm scheduled around christmas for mine.

Drains from what I've heard usually take 3-4 days to come out with that procedure and about 15 days for stitches to be removed. If done correctly its another good one just like the Cleft lift. I will be getting the Karydakis flap procedure done myself and I'm very excited about it. To answer your question about sitting I'm not to sure. Ive read people traveling for cleft lifts and flying there. So clearly they were sitting post surgery. My guess is just be smart about it and don't put it under much stress the first week but I'm sure thats also based on the severity of yours.
How did you go with this? did you see Dr Cheah for surgery? I've seen his name come up and am looking for treatment in Melbourne now.