Laser Treatment in Toronto (The Med Spa or BioFlex Rehabilitation Centre)


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Hi everyone,

I've been suffering from an on and off pilonidal cyst for 6 years now. This recent flair up has been worse. No pain, but almost 24/7 draining for just over a month now so it has pushed me to seek longer term solutions that are not as invasive as open wound surgery. My cyst is just very inconvenient, not painful, so I feel the recovery time for that kind of surgery is just not worth it.

I'm located in Toronto Canada so I have heard of Dr. Slava Kim @ BioFlex Rehabilitation Centre and Dr. Anwar Morgan @ The Med Spa Toronto that conduct laser treatment surgery. Does anyone have any experience with either of them?

There is little information beyond this reddit thread a year ago regarding Dr. Kim and there are mixed reviews on Dr. Morgan. Some say he works while others say he is a nightmare.

I've currently booked just a consultation with Dr. Kim for tomorrow at 5pm and I will follow up in this thread.