Limberg-flap surgery post op bleeding and exudate , Please help


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Hi there,
I am on and off reading this forum for almost 1 year now ( I am suffering from PS since summer 2016). I got lots of important information and support reading all the stories, feedback and comments.

I am 35/M very active father of 2, live in Germany with my kids and wife.

My first PS OP was a emergency open wound incision in summer 2016, when within a week a annoying lump appear on the left butt chick, got infected and busted during a flight. I will write a long post about my story.

Fast forward to March 28th, I had a Limberg-flap surgery, my Surgeon left the suction drainage for 3 days and then removed the suction since there was no drainage from the wound.

Since my wound from first OP was never healed properly and PS reoccured, this time around infection was so bad, it got into tailbone and scrum ( didn't know this could be a complication of PD). I was 8 days in hospital on Intervenal antibiotics and then discharge from hospital on 5th April with course of oral antibiotics for another 3 weeks.

During discharge my surgeon told me that there is some bleeding which should subside with in few days. I had my first followup on 1oth ( 14 days post op ), bleeding was there but it was less then a table spoon. On 14th April I noticed that there is blood coming out from my bandages, I freaked out and immediately went to hospital in out-patient to see surgeon, luckily a senior surgeon looked at my bleeding, he assured me there is nothing to worry about.

Next two days there was small amount of bleeding but nothing out of ordinary, but today morning I wakeup with a socked bandage with clear, yellowish and blood discharge. My wife had look at it and stitches are holding, I am worried to the death. There is no foul smell from the discharge, only there is lots of discharge. I don't have other symptoms like pain or fever which indicate infeaction, I do have some pain but its more like uncomfortable feeling and numbness then a pain. I have more muscle and joint pain laying one side ( I always sleep on my back).

Tomorrow (post op 21 days) I have my next followup, where my surgeon planed to remove the stitches.

I worried to the death due to discharge, Did anyone had similar situation? What I can do to stop it?

Thanks in Advance.