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I'm curious on this too. I am 30 minutes away from DR. Reinhorns office but obviously can't go there anymore.
Anyone have updates here? I called Dr. Reinhorn's office and got the same news that he no longer treats pilonidal patients. His receiptionist referred me to Dr. Goldstone at Newton-Wellseley/MGH.

Looking to see other's experiences
Hi all, I’m a 25 y/o male who is seeing Dr. Mooney at Children’s. Had my first GIPS + laser done with him a week or go, but the cyst is back already. He told me it will realistically take up to 3-7 visits, but $3000/visit is insane (just got the bill).

Reinhorn indeed no longer does pilonidals and I don’t know many in Massachusetts who do minimally invasive options.