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Hey everyone - thought I would share my experience as this forum really helped me through what was a difficult time

Originally, I was advised by the public system for years to avoid surgery as my abscess did not cause pain, although it was discharging every so often and was rather unpleasant I took it upon myself to seek the advice of Dr Cheah thanks to this forum and gratefully being located in Melbourne.

For anyone suffering and looking for removal, in terms of expertise and precision I can't recommend Dr Cheah enough. His accuracy and minimally invasive op was over and done with in about 20 mins. Whilst the pre op information and post op recovery advice is very very minimal - you almost just have to absolutely trust in him and the wound care is really all on you! This is just my experience and by no means an absolute reflection of him.

That being said I was super pedantic in recovery, did not step a foot wrong and with the personal experiences/ advice from everyone on here, pamphlets/ online pdfs of hospital discharges - I pieced together everything I could to take no chances. Stitches were off the midline and 3cm long (bugger all). I was extremely conscious of peoples disaster recoveries and I admittingly treated my recovery like it was a full blown karydakis. I would not change that for the world. Sacrificing 3-4 weeks of pure time to yourself in what is such a mentally challenging period to avoid further recurrence and overcome what can be devastating is nothing in the scheme of living with this issue.

After 3 weeks it was fully healed. I was back to full activity in 5 weeks, contact sport after 8 weeks and I am an extremely active person. I am now a lot more conscious post exercise and regularly getting laser in the area to reduce the hair. I had check ups every second day with my local gp throughout recovery and no review from Cheah until I was completely healed over as he booked review after 6 weeks.

A few things I did throughout and again just my experience not the law!
- did not get the stitches wet at all, had the gp and my partner changing the dressing when necessary and kept my ass out of the direct showerhead
- expect drainage! it will seep and that is just the wound healing, don't panic
- after the first week of spending tummy time on the couch, tried to keep the dressing off for a while between changes and began to manage air flow with a fan also to keep me cool and probably also provide confidence I wont be sweating - don't want any moisture in that area
- eating a really good diet, no sugar. Was really strict on this, again I'm sure some comfort food wont hurt, but being proactive in nutrition also helped me believe I am doing everything possible to heal quicker. (wholegrains, avocado, almonds, leafy greens, yoghurt, berries and high iron)
- avoided sitting for the first week, ate standing and tummy time on the couch, when i was in the car - sitting on a coccyx pillow, a must have! Again there is mixed opinions but i personally thought for one week just avoid pressure in the area, the stitches wont be compromised, no moisture from poor air flow can build etc.
- heaps of contradicting opinion on underwear but i personally found nike running shorts that have the inner lining were a god send, no extra layer of clothing needed, less constriction and so comfortable, heaps of airflow
- avoid bending or squatting around the house, no splitting of the legs try keep your cheeks together :D
- baby wipes or flushable wipes, after every bowel movement change your bandage and clean the area is an absolute must
- get a consult for laser hair once you're up and surprisingly for me they already knew of the condition and make it super comfortable, very prevalent amongst male bookings so that was easier than expected

Hope this helps someone!
Great to hear your recovery! I had the pit picking done now twice with dr cheah, both times it was only a small sinus that I could feel (had not got infected/become an abcess) but having had one in the past get infected I was overly cautious and had the pit picking done pre-emptively.

I had the same experience, he is quite rushed and short with his words, it didn't instill much comfort and similarly had to do most of the research on these forums and the wider internet.

I hope this is the 3rd and last time I have to do a procedure (touch wood). I unfortunately had a poor reaction, some masses formed (suture granuloma according to the GP) which has delayed my recovery, currently 4 weeks in and the wound area is still quite pinkish. Really scared about new hairs getting in but keeping up the hygiene and hoping for the best right now.
How long are you going to give it before you start bending/squatting etc? I am trying to figure out when is appropriate to getting back to gym. I have started jogging mainly (keeps the cheeks together ahaha)
How long are you going to give it before you start bending/squatting etc? I am trying to figure out when is appropriate to getting back to gym. I have started jogging mainly (keeps the cheeks together ahaha)
I had a suture granuloma also, quickly identified by my GP and I pushed to have antibiotics to avoid further flaring or infection after two days it was gone

I waited a whole 5 weeks until I was back to regular activity, bending squatting walking briskly etc - before that I didn't risk anything !

If you have a someone, otherwise ask the nurse at the GP to help trim hairs in the area. Get yourself a trimmer and use the most precise attachment there to trim the hairs back

Hopefully a speedy recovery !