Minimal invasive techniques (Epsit, Silac, etc.)


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Hi folks,

I'm 33 and I seem to be starting my unfortunate journey with pilonidal disease having had my first episode in October 2022, which cleared on its own after a few weeks only to reoccur again in February 2023.

Two months later it was mostly gone but this week it flared-up again and I decided to go to the GP for the first time.

The prescription for the moment is a week of antibiotics but he seemed quite sure it was pilonidal sinus but didn't want to go the surgical route before trying some antibiotics first as I haven't tried anything before, apart from applying heat with a hot water bottle and some aloe vera gel. But if clears now and reappears again a referral to a surgery would be the next option.

Since the first episode I have been researching a bit, and read a lot of the stories you all have shared in the forum. So, due to all the difficult ordeals people have had with the traditional techniques, I wonder what has been the experience of people undergoing the newer minimal invasive techniques like EPSIT and SILAC.

For example, where was it done, how easy/difficult was to get the procedure, how was the post-op, any reoccurrence, if done privately was it expensive, etc.

Sorry for the long post, but I think your stories could be a good guide for me and everyone else to understand these newer techniques and gather the pros and cons of real experiences.

Thank you in advance!