My cyst seems to have healed but now my tailbone is sore

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I am scheduled to have surgery in about a month, but I was thinking about canceling it.

The abscess is now completely flat and almost healed where it used to look like a big pimple.

So I’m happy about that... however now the bottom tip of my tailbone feels like it is bruised or broken.

There is nothing visible to see except for the little sinus in my crack.

I have heard horror stories about cyst wrapping around a tailbone and someone having their tailbone removed...

Any advice on how to fix this? Or if I should try to take an antibiotic? I am just hoping the pain goes away so I can cancel surgery and be pain free


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The problem is that most of the problem lies underneath the skin where you can’t see and if you can see a sinus in your buttocks it means you have a tract underneath which can only be removed by operation what procedure are you getting if you are just going in for a normal pilonidol op I won’t get it done I’ve had 3 and all failed I would try to get cleft closure by someone who knows what they are doing I’m still waiting to get mine done