My son’s story — Success!


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Forums like these have helped my family out so much over the years so I wanted to give back and give some good info

Pilonidal cysts are hereditary. I had my 1st in college and 30 years later I still remember the pain. But mine was 1 and done. It never came back
My son was a different story. Playing lax in 7th grade- he got rocked and landed on his butt. A day later it was swollen and he couldn’t walk. As soon as I saw it I knew what it was. Over the next 6 years I researched everything. (Poor kid drank more pineapple juice!) it would rear its ugly head once or twice a year. I will never forget sitting in a college presentation with him and when he stood up there was blood on the back of his khakis. One proctologist told me that it was super deep and close to his anus and he’d have to cut wide and deep and he hoped he wouldn’t Knick it!
By his freshman year in college - he was miserable
December 2018- Dr Isserman in Wisconsin saved him.
Our insurance covered the operation but we had to cover the flights and the hotel. We stayed for about 5 days
Dr isserman is wonderful. He is honest and empathetic. The facility is great. It has been 4 years and my son has not had an issue. He is so happy with the results