My THIRD Surgery?

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Howdy, guys, I'm new here, so let me say that first.


I'm 19 years old now. I first was diagnosed with a pilonidal when I was 14. I went for the surgery and for several months went back to the doctor to check on it. After about a year, I was told it was all healed up, so I was happy as pie.

A year goes by and BAM! It returns with aveangance. I got in for a second surgery, and this recovery period is only a couple of months. Much, much shorter. I'm let out and think finally, "Yes! I'm done!"

Seven months or so go by, and I get that all too familiar characteristic, I guess... Drainage...

So I've gone to the same surgeon who did my second surgery, and have no been presented with a new alternative: Since the first two more traditional methods didn't work, he's suggesting the Limberg Flap. It's looking intrusive and like a real pain in the buttocks.

My question is, has anyone had this done and is it as awful as the description and pictures look? Is there another alternative? Can't I just live with this? It's not like I'm in pain, or anything. The thing just bleeds and drains sometimes.

I'm morose and need guidance. Save me and my poor hiney.
Not open for further replies.