Need advice on after surgery wound care + My story


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Hi all,

My Story:
I been dealing with this for 3/4 years now I can't even remember. It's the same chronic wound and not a recurring one. I think I was one of the fortunate ones where I never had pain, just discomfort when the wound area itself is touched or a lot of friction occurred from hours of walking. Along with daily short bleeding. It's like a cycle for example, few months there's bleeding and for a few months there hardly anything. However, in the past year the bleeding has generally been very minimal and only occurs if the wound site has been disturbed. The wound site itself is minimal and right in the middle of the natal cleft. I had two surgeries one was for drainage and second one was for cleaning.

My issue has been that the chronic wound has been described as surface level (1+ year ago because during pandemic haven't been able to visit for weekly cleaning). But it just doesn't want to close up. The only sort of cleaning I been giving it was blasting the area with water from my shower head which was recommended by my surgeon.

I was supposed to have my 3rd surgery a week or two ago for a Natal Cleft lift I believe. However, I cancelled it because I lost my confidence in them. The last diagnosis was two years ago for it. Along with a potential second wound I don't think this will help solve my problem when the area they operating on is just a non healing surface level wound. I didn't want to be left with a huge hole with a flap covering it and that did not heal either. I didn't wanna trade my current situation which is no pain, rare bleeding, no smell, small wound site for daily pain/comfort, daily bleeding, smell, and a larger wound area.

Needing Advice:
I also have a feeling I have a second wound area below my anus and that is the one where the bleeding is occurring from when it does bleed a lot. But the few times I told my doctor/surgeon/nurse they mentioned nothing is there except for the one time with my nurse she bandaged it and said it went away but it came back I believe.

I been ignoring this problem during the pandemic due to it not giving me much trouble. For example, no pain, causes discomfort rarely, bleeding has become more rare and the awful smell is gone too. The issue is more psychological for me, I'm in my early twenties and not being able to exercise I think is having a big mental impact on me. I feel lazy, tired and weak all the time. I want to do better and start exercising but I can't because I don't wanna make the wound worse and have to start dealing with daily bleeding again and the smell.

However, I just want the problem to be gone for good so I will be calling my GP soon again to refer me to a wound care specialist so I can continue my treatment. Is there any tips or advice I can tell them which may help the specialist know what treatments to start right away? I'll appreciate any general life advice on this too and what I can do to promote healing. For example, diet or certain exercise. I don't know I'm open to anything right now.