Needing surgery again. Opinions on local anesthesia procedure


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Hi all,
My story

I have had my cyst for 8-10 years now. About 3 years ago I couldn’t walk and decided to go get it drained. And was the most painful thing I have endured. The shot was so intense I about passed out. The cut was not bad. I couldn’t not feel it. After he pushed all the blood and puss out. He took forceps to open the wound, and packed it with a foot of gauze leaving a tail out to drain. (Also most painful thing I have felt even after the shot). A week later I went in for surgery. Seemed to go well and didn’t have much of an issue until now. It came back and swelled up. Making it hard to walk, sleep, sit, even cough. Finally after smoking in hot baths for days. It broke. And over the course of a week have taken 1/4 cup of infection and puss out. I saw a new Dr today. He stated. It will need to come out or it will keep giving me problems.. (I thought my surgery would of already taken care of that). And I had two options. The 1st options is having it removed local. Where they use
Local anesthesia, numb the area and remove it in a clinic. Completely awake and coherent. The 2nd would be surgery. Obviously local removal is way cheaper, faster healing time. Etc. but I now have extreme anxiety over the shot I received when it was drained years ago. And the pain from packing a foot of gauze into it. Was the most painful thing I have ever felt. My question is. Has anyone had it removed with local anesthesia, and being awake? And if so was there any pain associated with the procedure. I know the shot is going to hurt. But will I feel the procedure itself? And if so how
Bad is the pain? I may be able to handle that horrific shot again IF I can’t feel the procedure. I’m also terrified of being put to sleep to have surgery. I don’t even have a date set yet and I’ve been having anxiety thinking about both styles of the procedure. I don’t know what to do or the best route to go.