Nervous about Pilonidal cyst surgery

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I am very scared to have pilonidal cyst removal surgery. I have extreme anxiety, will they give me some drugs to calm me down as soon as they put the IV in before I go into the OR?

Also do you get wheeled in to the OR do you walk in? I'm very scared of the whole process. It's not that I think I will die it's just doctors offices make me really nervous and I just feel like I may have a panic attack.

If anyone has had this done, what was the experience like? Was it scary? Did they make you wait around a long time before surgery?
From my experience, waiting in the pre-op went very quickly and then as I was going in for surgery (they wheel you in, you don't walk) they gave me versed or something and I felt completely calm and care-free. It's actually semi-enjoyable (as weird as that sounds). Before you know it, you are waking up and onto the healing process.

Just communicate how you are feeling, I'm sure they will accommodate you well (they do this stuff all the time) :) Good luck!