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Good morning all. I have discovered this board while trying to research what was going on with my rear end and looking up the surgery the DR. said he was going to do.

Some history. I can't remember a time when I didn't have this cyst flare up. Starting in my 20's (I am almost 40 now) at least twice a year these things would flare up and I would be in misery for days. I have tried everything to get rid of them. I honestly thought it was a zit. anyway I even tried to lance it myself once. (don't try this I found it doesn't go away and just makes it worse.) Well anyway I got another one right before Christmas and was complaining to my wife while driving to work. She talked me in to to stopping at the local quick care for some "ointment" for it....ha ha ha. Well before I knew it they had me up on that table ready to lance it. I can remember the doctor saying this will only hurt when we numb it.....wrong. The initial cut didn't hurt, but when they started digging and digging into that thing I thought I would come out of my skin. By far it was the worst pain I had ever experienced. They left the wound open and sent me home packing. I thought I would go back to work and everything would be fine. Nope, I had to go home and spend two days in bed. What a nightmare.

I thought the worst was over, I recovered in two days and left for Chicago to visit family. While playing tennis (indoors of course) I fell. Didn't think much about it till the next day when I couldn't move. I had thrown my back out. The next day it was time to go home and I made my wife drive. Throughout the drive the pain in my back slowly became overpowered by the pain from the cyst that had been lanced a week earlier. Finally I made her stop so that I could walk around a little and relieve the pain. I went into the restroom to look at it only to find ANOTHER CYST right above where the they had lanced the last one. I know you all can imaging my joy of finding this three hours from home. By the time we got home this one had popped and was oozing like a faucet. Did the bath thing and went to bed.

I had made an appt. with the DR. on Tuesday so that he could look at it. (He is a surgeon friend so I thought I would kill kill two birds in case surgery was needed.) He talked with me about what it was and commented that it probably wasn't that bad since I wasn't all that hairy and said that if he just took out the small area I would be fine. He said that he would do it as an outpatient surgery and that I could go back to work in three days. Sounded good to me. He then wanted to take a look at it just to be sure. I climed up on the table and he looked at and said "oh this is much more serious than I thought." Apparently I have at least three sinus' that need taken out and he pointed and pushed around and said "oh you have another one there too". Shock set in as he explained this whole "assectomy" thing. Apparently he is going to cut and do this whole flap thing and make me stay in the hospital overnight and told me I had to be off work for two weeks. The surgery is bright and early Monday morning. The only thing I can remember is that he said closed. Does anyone have any wisdom they can share regarding "closed" , sinus' and what not.

I appreciate any feedback.

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