Newly diagnosed - in India - a few questions


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Hi to everyone in this community, I'm glad this resource exists.

Yesterday was day 5 of pain on my right buttock, progressively getting worse, and I finally saw a general physician who diagnosed me with a pilonidal sinus / pilonidal cyst. He prescribed a week of antibiotics and painkillers, and if that doesn't help he said I need to get the lancing procedure done.

Since then I've been reading all I can about this. I've done two days of natural antibiotics (trying these before the pharmaceutical ones) and painkillers when needed (only once so far, I avoid them until the pain is extreme). I don't see much change so far.

I had a few questions -
1. Is there a benefit in trying to resolve this with antibiotics, rather than getting the lancing done straight away? If so, what would that be?

2. I haven't been able to figure out how long it would take to recover from lancing. Can I just get up and drive back home and start working the next day (I have a sitting job)? Will I need to change dressings everyday or visit the doctor again? I live alone so I am looking for something that doesn't need someone to help me everyday with.

3. I understand that without pit-picking, lancing leads to a 85% recurrence rate of the cyst. I live in New Delhi, India. How to find a surgeon who does pit-picking? The database on this website mentions one surgeon in this city but doesn't say whether he does pit-picking or not. The database of the International Pilonidal Society mentions another one in this city, but again doesn't say whether he does pit-picking or not, or cleft-lift (if I ever do need that).

How do I find a surgeon who does pit-picking, then? Should I call them up and ask them if they do it? That does sound a bit against the grain of the culture here, but I can try. Or I can get an appointment with them and then ask. One of the bests hospitals in the city is close to where I live and it has general surgeons and bariatric surgeons who seem bighly skilled but I doubt if they would know about this particular procedure.
1. I have had pilonodal cysts resolve after taking antibiotics.
2. I don't think my lancing experience caused me any changes in my routine at all. I think I returned to work the following day.
3. I can't answer this one. Sorry.