Open Excision packing - Too much or not enough?

How fast did your open excision heal?

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I had my open excision surgery 4 weeks ago on June 1. Since then, I've had the entire month to focus on recovery. Twice daily packing after sitz baths (1 saline spray in the morning, 1 actual bath with epsom salts in the evening), eating 50-60g protein a day, and taking zinc and vitamin c. I walk around often and sometimes leave the house but no sports or exercise in the gym yet.

Initially, I could pack a long amount of gauze into the wound, like 2 q-tip's worth (the cyst was 4cm x 3cm x 2 cm and they removed more tissue aside from that). As expected, the wound has reduced in size, but within the past week, I'm noticing that it has gotten substantially smaller. Like I can't pack more than a q-tip's worth into the wound.

I see my doctor for my second follow up on Monday, but in the interim, I figured I'd ask around. Has anybody heard of a case of an open excision healing too fast? Do I need to be concerned that I'm somehow not able to pack it enough, or should I just take this as a good sign?