Open Excision

J Smith

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Hi all, new to this forum.

I'm a 21 year old male that recently had an open excision on the 15th of January. My GP had failed to diagnose it (almost 2 years ago) and it grew to the point of becoming unbearably painful/ leaking pus in March 2020 just in time for Covid-19. I was then ignored by the NHS for 6 months who only offered me antibiotics and had no idea when operations would resume, leaving me no choice but to go private. Following an unsuccessful incise and drain, a biopsy finally confirmed my condition to indeed be a pilonidal sinus. I was told an open excision was the best option and by this point I was so sick of it I was willing to jump at any chance to get rid of it. What was supposed to be a day procedure turned into me staying overnight. They admitted the sinus was more extensive than originally planned (I've tried to attach a picture but it won't let me)

Before all of this I was really into the gym and martial arts and with the mess we are all in right now training was one of the few solaces left in my life after multiple family losses/ work issues with covid. I suppose I have many questions but the big ones are when would folks say I could go back to training again? Even if its just upper body with dumbbells? Covid has also (among many other things) caused havoc with aftercare. My mum (bless her) has been doing her best with my dressings and we've been told not to see our local GP nurse. Do you have any tips for wound care and speeding up the healing process? Any help would be appreciated. I'm so glad for finding this forum cause I truly felt so alone prior to finding it.