Open wound after cleft lift with Senapati


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Hi all,
I wanted to create a thread about wounds opening up after having a cleft lift procedure with Asha Senapati.
I’ve been referred to her after 9 months of grief and 3 failed surgeries with my surgeon at my local hospital.
I had a cleft lift procedure with her last week (03/08/22) and she said it went very well but is it in an awkward place and is likely to open up slightly but this should heal by itself in a few weeks time.
I was doing well in my recovery for the first week, I had the drain taken out this Monday (08/08/22) and all was good.
Although I’m not able to see the full wound and it does go right in between my cheeks I believe it had opened up a bit at the bottom of the wound, due to a slight smell and feeling some leaking.
If there is an opening I’m hopeful that this will heal up in a few weeks time (I’m taking vitamin supplements and eating lots of vitamin c and protein rich foods). But I was wondering if other people have experienced this after having the cleft lift procedure with Asha Senapati, and how long it took to heal up properly after opening up?

I’d be so appreciative to hear your stories if you would like to share them!

Alice :)


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Update I’ve had another part of my wound open up after a lot of fluid was dripping from it on Saturday evening. There was no opening at this point but then this morning (Sunday) I’ve had an opening hole appear. I’m now on antibiotics which will hopefully help the amount of fluid, but worried about how well this will heal now.
I’ve had bad experiences with wound opening after surgeries with my previous surgeon.
Has anyone had this before?