Ovulation and Pilonidal Abscess

Does your Pilonidal Flare up with Ovulation?

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Update....30 days ago I had my cyst drained. Well here I lay on the couch again in pain as I had to have it drained again!!!!! I am avoiding another removal because I'm afraid of the amount of tissue they will need to remove. My doctor and I have been talking and I think I made try hormonal remedies such as some sort of birth control. That way I can avoid my hormones from swing up and down. Has anyone else tried this or does anyone currently take birth control?

I've had mine for 10 years (24 now). For 2 of those years nothing happened. But then it flared up with the help of my mom who's a retired nurse! It drained and all of that. No flare up for a year (taking b.c.) then I stopped taking it that's when it came back! It flared so bad while I was at work my boss sent me to the hospital! Had it lanced off work for 2 weeks (I so loved the break cause I still got paid) no flare up until 6 months later! And it's so bad now mine is constantly draining so I am forced to wear a pad (which doesn't help my depression or my marriage). I'm always having to lay down. I tried working out but the pain was so unbearable! I keep it clean. I went to the hospital 6 months ago to find out that it got infected. I've tried everything to help me but I think it has some thing to do with hormone imbalance!


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I have had pilonidal sinus since I was 20 and yes I did notice a pattern, the flare ups did coincide with the ovulation and during my 1st pregnancy , the whole pregnancy went smoothly without a flare up but it was back a few months after I delivered the baby. But then I also noticed that this did not happen every month, the times when I have increased bloating or excessive white vaginal discharge before my period it was sure to come. I also noticed that certain foods increase bloating and certain foods increase white vaginal discharge. So it could be a combination of both food and ovulation which increase estrogen levels in the body. And estrogen causes coarse body hair to grow in certain parts after puberty and until menopause and based on the level of estrogen we could have increased hair growth in the buttock region too which could result in a pilonidal sinus. So I am guessing controlling estrogen levels could help.


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I found this forum after being at my whits ends with my pilonidal sinus ! with out a doubt mine would show is ugly face every time I got my period - each time it increasingly got worse. I have just had my first baby - throughout the whole pregnancy not one flare up or problem...... now that I have given birth it has come back ten fold and is painful. I saw my obstetrician about it and he said that it is definitely hormone related and that it is caused by excessive oestrogen levels ! He referred me to a surgeon.... I saw the surgeon today and he pretty much laughed at me and tried to tell me I had endometriosis ??!!!?? Let's just say that I will be calling my Obstetrician after the weekend and getting a referral to a surgeon who knows something about them .... I need it gone, it has caused me so much pain over the past 2 and a half years !
I realize this post is super old now, but I'm replying anyway.
It's funny (in it's own way; our suffering isn't actually comical) but my experience with pilonidal disease has actually been the exact opposite. I had experienced extremely minor flare ups in my teens, where the cyst was probably about the size of a small pea very deep in my flesh by my tailbone. I figured it was from the many abuses my tailbone has suffered for me (bless my poor coccyx) because it really felt like no more than an annoying bruise.
Then this year, at 21/22 y/o I'm having my first baby and have had two extreme flare ups. Like, almost totally immobilized level flare ups. The first was very early in pregnancy (big hormone changes) which went away on it's own after maybe a week. The second was just recently at 38 - 39 weeks pregnant (big hormone changes as body prepares for baby) and got so bad that I had to have it lanced and drained as I was unable to sleep, walk, sit.. pretty much everything became impossible. I don't have any external drainage sites, so I can only wait for it to heal on the inside if I decide to let it be.
I guess I'm fortunate it isn't triggered by my monthly, but gee this is an awful awful pregnancy "symptom". (And I thought not being able to bear the smell of my husband was bad..)
I'd like to avoid full on surgery, so now that I am more knowledgeable and more prepared I am going to do my best with preventative measures, especially during pregnancy, to keep it from flaring up again.
It would really be nice to have more literature discussing the probable relation between hormonal shifts and pilonidal disease (specifically in women)! Especially because I have very fine hair in that specific area and extremely tiny pits that don't look able to catch much hair or anything, so I have strong doubt that mine is influenced by hair buildup and an even stronger suspicion that it is 100% influenced by hormones and bad sitting habits.

I hope you're having a better time with yours and have found the healing you desire <3
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