Packing and dressing fell off!


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I had an incision and drainage surgery under general 10 days ago and the wound was left open and packed with guaze. The wound is about 1.5cm deep, 2cm long and 1cm wide.
I have had it cleaned, and repacked/redressed everyday since at my GP's.
Tonight the plaster/dressing came unstuck and when I lifted the bottom of it I could see the wound underneath (exposed) and the packing has come out. I didn't want to touch or go near the wound out of fear of infection etc so I have temporarily restuck the dressing down and put a new pad/plaster over the top and put on a pair of tight underwear to keep it in place until I can get to the Urgent Treatment centre near me in 8 hours time tomorrow morning.

Is it ok to leave it like this overnight? Should I remove the dressing completely including the old guaze and clean the wound and then put a new dressing over the top until then? Or is it ok to keep it as it is for a few hours..? I'm too scared to pack it myself and truthfully to also go near the wound to clean.

Please help - thanks