Packing fell out, and I'm very nervous


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Hey guys, just got surgery on the 9th of August, all went well, wound was packed, then removed the next day and repacked at around 12:30pm still at hospital. Then today at 1pm it was again removed and repacked with no problems, but was covered with a bandage. I had to go to my GP today and pick up my prescriptions, and when I got back the bandage was causing so much pain and itching that I had to take it off, with a plan to replace it with what the hospital gave me to cover the wick. So when I did the wick flew out with it, (at around 7:45pm). I am totally panicking right now, I covered it with a surgapad wrapped around a bunch with gauze, and am currently lying on my belly. I'm not sure what time the nurse is coming tomorrow, but I will try and get the earliest appointment possible. Am I going to be okay? Will the wound start to heal and cover up and thus the packing be excrutiating tomorrow? Can I stand or should I stay on my belly? Can I lie on my sides? This was my first surgery and the hospital didn't really instruct me on anything. Thanks in advance guys, I'm so happy a forum like this exists.
I know this was a few days ago so hopefully everything's okay now, but for future reference you should be absolutely fine if the packing falls out for a bit. Unless the wound is absolutely tiny it won't close before you can get it packed the next day.