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I had closed excision done on January 18th, but upon going for a follow up two weeks later I found out that my stitches fell out and the top half of the wound was open. My surgeon instructed me to pack it, which seemed simple enough.

My boyfriend is helping me do this, but I’m concerned. Yesterday it seems that he didn’t get the gauze in all the way because it came out easily today. When he repacked it again after my shower, he used a q-tip to push it in easier. I think he did it right, but it doesn’t feel like when the surgeon put it in originally, so should I be concerned? Or am I just getting used to the feeling of it? It hurt when he put it in, I’m just concerned that maybe he didn’t push it in enough or something.

I know I ask a lot of questions on here but I’m so paranoid, and I don’t wanna call my doctors office every time something comes up.

My boyfriend did notice that it was red and swollen a bit today when changing it, but I was wondering if maybe it’s because it was irritated from being stuffed with gauze? I have no fever or nausea or chills, just this that came up today.


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As someone who went through a couple years of packing, here's my advice:

1) Get the gauze that kind of looks like cheesecloth. It's woven. You can find it on Amazon if you don't already have it.
2) Instead of qtips, I'd recommend the longer, wooden cotton-tipped applicators. Use the wooden side if the cotton one is too big for the wound opening. Again, Amazon has them.
3) It'll take a bit for your partner to perfect it, so don't worry too much about it. You don't want them to pack it too tightly because that will impair healing.
4) In my experience some days the wound was more irritated than others. Just have him keep an eye on it.

Hope this is helpful.