Pilonidal mimicking perianal abcess


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Hi - I am pilonidal sufferer of ~8 years. After cycles of drainage, painful swelling, physical, emotional and social trauma - I decided to get my surgery done last year ~ July 2020. The surgeon & I opted for excision with primary intention and my wound was nicely closed up - healed over a period of 2 months with minor complications. In the past few months, I have noticed pustules/whiteheads a few cms beneath my scar on the cleft and away from my anus. It has been terribly painful, discharges blood and pus when infected and has recurred at least once a month in the past 4 months. I am looking for advise if anyone has had similar issues. Could this be downward progression of the sinus or could it be a perinatal abcess? Living with this disease has been quite debilitating and this site has been of constant support to me. Appreciate any insights you’ll can provide