Please tell me what TUNNELING is

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Can someone please explain to me what tunneling is?

My daughter is 4 1/2 weeks in the healing process of her 2nd pc surgery. The open wound she was left with was filling in nicely with the new tissue, but then it formed a cave at the bottom of her wound about 10 days after her surgery. I've been calling it a tunnel. As it continues to heal, this tunnel/cave has continued to stay. I'm just hoping that it is going to heal too but just at a slower pace. I can handle slow. I just don't want to be thrown back to the starting gate for a 3rd time (especially for my daughter's sake!!!!)

I've noticed after reading on this site that when tunneling is referred to, it seems to be about pilonidal sinuses. Am I right about this, or have I misunderstood? I really need to have this cleared up, so I know if we're talking about two different things or not.

On a side note, she has been such a trooper through all of this. She has just taken this in strides. It's unbelievable how positive she has remained through all of this. The fun started back in July (which doesn't include the many months before of her complaining every once in a while that her tailbone hurt) when her doctor lanced the spot and then sent her to a general surgeon. Her 1st surgery was 8/11/10, so she has been with an open wound ever since. So you can understand why I am amazed that she is so upbeat and positive. I have to say that I don't handle things like this very well, and when it's one of your children, it's difficult to take. We have God on our side though, and I know He's going to see us through this!:)

Any insight on the tunneling would be very much appreciated.
I wish I could help you with this question, but I'm afraid I have no experience with excisions or cleft lifts. (I've only had a lancing.)

I do have to give your daughter credit for being positive. ^^ As a high school student myself, it can be difficult to keep everything on the light end. I must say, it's become quite an object of humor in my family. ;D

You are absolutely right! The Lord will be with her every step of the way! My signature is the quote that really kept my spirits up during the toughest times. ;)

I pray all goes well for you!



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Tunneling means when the follicle starts going awry and imbedding into the flesh. What you're talking about is something else.


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Tunneling is also know as a sinus tract
Think if it as a 'worm hole'
Sounds like what she has is just a unhelaed pocket

When you have an infraction that takes place under the skin, either from hair or skin cells, the constant body movment or the body's designed repair system [or fight to repair] causes the impacted tissue to dig around
When active this is know as tunneling

After surgery, there ""may"" have been effected bad tissue left behind or further hair, skin cells intoduced into the opening and leads to delayed healing, not impossible healing, just needs to work it's way back to good tissue

Keep it hair free, clean and dry and you should notice some improvement

mom of 3

Thanks so much guys for the responses and input.

We went back to the doctor yesterday, and she said it was looking really good.[:8)] The "pocket" that formed is healing up too; it's just at a slower pace. I can handle slow just as long as there is healing taking place. I'm just gonna rest in the fact that God is in control, and everything is going to be just fine.[^^]

Thank you, God, for caring for us and meeting our every need.

Thanks again guys for your input.
This is amazing news! I'm so happy for your daughter! Thank goodness! Those things can be really scary. This thing can really make you second guess everything you think of! [8)] I have to say, it's been difficult for me to put a lot of things in God's hands. I tend to be somewhat of a control freak some days. :eek:

You're welcome for the input! :D