post-op restrictions after Bascom technique

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Hello all,

Maybe someone can answer me. I'm getting a little nervous. I've had a pilonidal cyst recur a few times in several months. I'm a military dentist and my job requires sitting anywhere from 5-90 minutes at a time to do clinical work. I don't want to have to continuously miss work to have the pilonidal cyst lanced.

It has been recommended to have the Bascom technique (cleaning out and removing pits) while using the same anesthesia (spinal or general it has not been determined) as a scheduled c-section. (I'm due to have my third child on 15 February.)

What kind of restrictions after surgery are given? Can one sit down shortly after the surgery? How long after surgery has been suggested to recover from the procedure? How is recovery after this procedure?

Please respond. Thanks.

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