Post op suggestions plz :(


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I have recently underwent this surgery. I'm perusing my BEd studies. After surgery i took leave for 1month. I faced severe pain while taking dressing(1mnth) .I literally weeped. But now after this surgery i feel highly disturbed, dull couldn't concentrate on my studies i have developed shy , guilt & not able to go back to college. I think i 've lost my confidence due to which im not able to do anything.Unknowingly, I scratch my back always due to itching, feel very awkward at times after i realize i did that. Getting more sleep than usual, feeling more hungry, I m feeling that i couldn't sit continuously for 6-7 hrs in college.What should i do ? I'm i to discontinue studies for this year Plz help bcoz i have completed my 1st yr 1st semester, more 1yr left to complete the course. Im doubting and feeling tense bcoz if im i to go back to college i have to face a lot of pressure in studies, sitting for long hours etc so I m fearing to go back :( to cntnue it or not. Now and then i face depression due to this. Not able to take correct decision plz help ???