Post Operation Healing Advice


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Hi all,

I have my 2nd operation a week today and thought I'd ask about healing advice they have been given.

I had my first operation back in 2015 where the wound never healed (wound healed but skin never really healed). In hindsight, I shouldn't have been going to the gym during this time as my body was trying to heal from the gym session as well as heal the wound.

What advice have people been given to assist with post operation healing? I found this online just now, it's from Canada but is good information - Care/Wound Care - Pilonidal Cysts.pdf

Like everyone, I want to get back on my feet, Pilonidal free ASAP after my operation (I'm aiming for the new year so 6 weeks), so just wanted to hear what advice people have been given over the years that helped them.




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Hi, hope your op went well :) which type of surgery did you have done?
I had open surgery about 3 months ago, I'm still going through the healing process but these things have helped:
Eating lots of protein and vit C, slowly building up walking to improve blood flow to area, good thorough cleaning regimen of wound using sterile non-woven gauze, not sitting straight away for long periods of time, etc.
Hope this helps a little!